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Friday Itch – Wave Run

Originally created for the Global Game Jam, Wave Run is a twitchy platformer that will drive even the most skilled of gamers into fits of anger. As someone who is not a skilled gamer, I’m obviously seething.

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GameMaker Studio 2 Export Modules Announced

Since its launch into Beta GameMaker Studio 2 has been missing the key selling point of its predecessor – cross-platform publishing. This latest update gives users access to Android, iPhone, iPad, HTML5, Windows Phone and even Xbox One.

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Third GMC Jam begins at noon

The third contest in the current iteration of the GMC Jam, a game jam for users of GameMaker, begins at noon today. The GMC Jam is run on the official forums of YoYo Games, home of the GameMaker software, and this will be the first such jam to take place there since the launch of GameMaker Studio 2.