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Friday Itch – Wave Run

Originally created for the Global Game Jam, Wave Run is a twitchy platformer that will drive even the most skilled of gamers into fits of anger. As someone who is not a skilled gamer, I’m obviously seething.



I miss the extreme sports genre of gaming really badly. During the noughties, they came in droves and were largely incredible games – Tony Hawk’s, SSX, Aggressive Inline, Skate, Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX, Rolling, Jet Set Radio, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX, Amped… I’m sure I’m still missing some out, but that is a list absolutely packed with quality.

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Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon

I’ve been a lifelong Pokémon game fan. Ever since the initial craze swept me up in the late ’90s with the trading cards, the animé, the original games (my first being Yellow, although I played some of Red at a friend’s house prior) and the endless swathes of merchandise – the books, the board games, the Burger King toys, the spin-off games, the clothing, the furniture…