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Super Scribblenauts

The Nintendo DS is such a weird console in retrospect. It looked, early on, to be an underpowered unit with a pointless two-screen and touch-screen gimmick. Many saw it lose Nintendo its dominance in...


Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land

I adore the Tony Hawk’s series. I mean, I REALLY adore the Tony Hawk’s series. They played a seminal part of my life, giving me one of my first experiences with a game going...


Super Bomberman R

The Nintendo Switch’s launch lineup was a weird one – one masterpiece in the form of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a very small handful of other less significant games....


Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy

While the SNES was my first experience with gaming, it was with the original PlayStation that my formative years in the medium occurred. I credit the console with introducing me to the idea of...

Olmec_2 2

Friday Itch – Olmec

The game centers around your character, a spherical rock totem thing, who must roll around an ancient temple in search of skull fragments. On your way through the temple you encounter enemies in the form of pigs, frogs, poisonous mushrooms and bubbling lava.