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Tropes Gallery: White Guys With Red Noses

Overused tropes can manifest in a number of different ways. It might be a familiar story, a gameplay mechanic or a particular artistic style. We love these similarities between games (and films and books)....

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Top 12: Pokémon Tunes

Pokémon is a series with plenty of fantastic music to choose from and there are so many tracks I could list here. I could even break them up into categories like “good relaxing music” and “good battle music” but I’ve opted to just whip out my top 12.

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Stuck for a story? Go for the public domain

You’ve got the perfect game mechanic. It’s unique, it’s fun and you’re ready to set about creating a massive blockbuster. The only trouble is, your game needs a plot and you’re fresh out of creative juice. What can you do?

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Friday Itch – Olmec

The game centers around your character, a spherical rock totem thing, who must roll around an ancient temple in search of skull fragments. On your way through the temple you encounter enemies in the form of pigs, frogs, poisonous mushrooms and bubbling lava.