Friday Itch – Tales of the Blue Valley

fridayitch_bluevalley_thumb In this edition of Friday Itch we have an early access game: Tales of the Blue Valley by Spire Games / ByrneOut. The game centers around a cute country mouse who has to rescue the village from a mysterious, floating spire.

If beautiful hand-drawn art is your thing, then this is a game you can’t really pass up. It may have been designed for children ages 6-12, but the relaxing atmosphere of the game is truly something that can be appreciated at any age.

In terms of game play, what we have here is a simple point-and-click adventure. You have to navigate the fields around your village talking to the inhabitants and completing tasks for them in return for the items you need to collect to continue the game.


The puzzles are simple, though in some cases they don’t work as intuitively as you’d hope. But that doesn’t really hinder the project at all, it’s a great little game and I can’t wait to see it on mobile platforms.

70% Verdict
A great little game with beautiful art and a relaxing atmosphere. It's basically a babysitter's dream: install it on an iPad and hand it to your kids for ten minutes of peace and quiet.

About the Developer

The team working on this game, Spire Games, consists of five people: Forrest Wieler, Elana Cincinatus, Ash Lloyd, Colin Lloyd and Meagan Byrne. It was uploaded to Itch under the name ByrneOut (Meagan Byrne, ByrneOut, get it?) so the contact information I’ve collected below comes from there! The team appears to be based at Sheridan College Game Lab and they are working on designing games for young people.

Website: Meagan Byrne / Sheridan Game Labs / Spire Games
Twitter: @byrne_meagan


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