Chequered Ink release “Super Plush Festival”

SPF_IconOn Friday Chequered Ink released their latest game for iPhone and Android: Super Plush Festival. If you like match 3 games, and you like games like Threes or 2048, then you’ll love this super-cute mashup of the two genres.

The aim of Super Plush Festival is to match or “capture” three plush animals of the same type until you meet the target for each level. This could mean matching 100 foxes, 50 rabbits, 60 of any animal or even just racking up a decent score overall. After completing 16 levels you will also unlock arcade mode, where the aim is to get the highest score possible before the board fills up.

On Android, players can sign into Google Play games to collect 50 achievements and take on other players on the global leaderboards. With 200 levels to complete, 50 stickers to collect and endless fun in Arcade Mode, Super Plush Festival is a must-have game this Easter. And you know what? It’s totally free.

Super Plush Festival is available now on Google Play and the iTunes Store.


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