Community Quotes #01

Community Quotes 01

Welcome to a brand new TMD feature – Community Quotes! Back on another blog I used to run (in a time long forgotten) we used to gather up the best tweets every few weeks or so from the game dev community, and I’ve been asked on many occasions when I’m going to bring it back. Well now, with TMD, I can! So here goes, without further delay, it’s time for some Community Quotes…

We’ll kick off with Lemmings developer and GameMaker king Mike Dailly, who struggled earlier this month to find something inspiring to say:

Speaking of buses, here’s Miguelito sharing some rather violent progress from Dodgeball Time:

My twitter double (no, not really) GameDesignDan was obviously experiencing the “Wednesday Hump” this week when he tweeted this about game developers and their emails:

And here’s another useful observation about game developers from Philip Bak:

Unsuprisingly I’ve decided to include a few political tweets – that’s all anyone seems to be talking about right now – so here’s Rami Ismail with a stinger about Donald Trump’s inauguration:

In come’s Rami’s partner over at Vlambeer, Jan Willem Nijman, asking the important questions:

And for our last political tweet, Home developer Ben Rivers sums up how we’re all feeling about politics right now:

In other news (this isn’t really fun, but certainly interesting), Kenney have announced a new asset pack. If you’ve ever entered a game jam, you’ve probably come across a game using Kenney sprites, but this time they’re pumping out a big old audio pack:

Stay tuned for more on that one.

Back to serious game dev and this tweet from Tom Francis pretty much speaks for itself:

Just like Daniel Linssen, I’m not heading to GDC this year, but I’m not sure I’ll handle it in the same way:

And finally, I want to move onto some cool GIFs from projects I’ve been following closely on Twitter. GameMaker user Blake Garner‘s been working on an intriguing project called Entangle, which comes out in 2 weeks and is easily the most GIF-friendly GameMaker project I’ve ever seen:

Meanwhile, Denis Darftey brings us everything you want in a GIF. Humour and explosions:

Lily Carlyle – liliththepale of GMC Jam fame – has been showing off her latest project:

And finally, for all you cat lovers out there, Meowza brings us this adorable and biologically accurate commentary on kitty behaviour:

That’s all for this first edition of Community Quotes, remember to follow all of the fantastic people above to learn more about their projects!


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