Construct 3 moves game dev to the web

Construct3_2Earlier today Scirra finally announced details of their new game development tool, Construct 3, which will be entirely browser-based. Writing on the Scirra Blog this morning, Founder Ashley Gullen revealed details of Construct 3’s price and supported platforms.

“Six years ago we bet on HTML5 for Construct 2. Back then it was a pretty crazy move,” Gullen wrote, “Some even thought it foolish. However we were vindicated: the web has rocketed far beyond everything we dared hope for — and it’s still going strong.” He went on to announce the astonishing news that “Construct 3 works in Chrome on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. There’s nothing to install — it’s as simple as visiting a website.”

Scirra also revealed the price of Construct 3 – a $99 per year subscription – and confirmed that existing Construct 2 users will be offered a 50% discount for their first year. More information will be revealed tomorrow and Friday as Scirra seeks to make this week all about Construct. Tomorrow we can expect a screenshot of the program in action and Friday will see the first major feature announcements.

You can keep up to date with Construct 3 news on the official information thread here.


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