Truly, Madly, Launched

Launch Feature

Truly, Madly, Dpad is hereĀ – a blog run by gamers and game developers, for gamers and game developers.

TMD is the latest venture by Chequered Ink Ltd, the digital design studio responsible for titles like Innoquous V, Ring Of Fire and NAL is Alive.

Our aim is to bring you fast and fun reviews, news, playthroughs and general coverage of game releases as well as development software news and tips for developing your own games.

With the Nintendo Switch recently announced, and new technologies like Virtual Reality becoming cheaper and more widespread, it’s an exciting time for the games industry and gamers alike.

In future we’ll be delivering regular reviews of upcoming games and software, as well as tech blogs and guest editorials. You won’t want to miss a single thing.

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Specialises in mobile games and community stuff.

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