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Stuck for a story? Go for the public domain

You’ve got the perfect game mechanic. It’s unique, it’s fun and you’re ready to set about creating a massive blockbuster. The only trouble is, your game needs a plot and you’re fresh out of creative juice. What can you do?

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Friday Itch – Olmec

The game centers around your character, a spherical rock totem thing, who must roll around an ancient temple in search of skull fragments. On your way through the temple you encounter enemies in the form of pigs, frogs, poisonous mushrooms and bubbling lava.


Top 12: Videogame Earworms

Every so often, a piece of music in a videogame is so catchy, it will stick with you for life (even when the game itself doesn’t). It might be a good track, or it might be awful – and so might the game that brought it to you.